Alex Danvers is a bio-engineer of the Department of Extra-Normal Operations and the foster sister of Kara Danvers.


Arrival of KaraEdit

The star of her family, Alex was jealous when Kara arrived due to her abilities, and was happy when Kara decided not to use her powers.[1]

Working for the DEOEdit

She was later hired by the DEO because of her close connection to Kara. Alex had to go through a full year of training before being let out into the field.[2] She later had to attend a conference in Geneva. Alex's flight, Flight 237, was sabotaged by Vartox in an attempt to kill her, and other D.E.O. agents onboard. Though the plane was saved by Kara from crashing, she later berated her sister for doing so, angry that she had revealed herself, and couldn't take it back. When Kara was captured by the DEO and taken back to their base, Alex's identity as a DEO agent was revealed. Alex later rescued Kara, after she was defeated and almost killed by Vartox, later telling Kara that the only way that the Fort Rozz escapees could get back at Kara's mother was through her now. She later went to Kara's apartment, apologetically explaining herself, and encouraging Kara to be a hero, the two then went to the DEO base, where they convinced Director Henshaw to let Kara defeat Vartox.[1] A week later, Alex along with the rest of the D.E.O. tested the limits of Kara's abilities, firing missiles into the sky at her. Afterwards, Alex debated with Kara over the necessity of the tests before Kara had to leave to stop a fire raging at National City Port.[2]


Season 1Edit


  • Alex Danvers is the only main character so far, who doesn't originate from the comics, as she was created exclusively for the TV series.


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