"I'm learning to conquer fear"
—Bruce Wayne to Jim Gordon[src]

Bruce Wayne is the son of the deceased Thomas and Martha Wayne, and the heir to the Wayne fortune. While leaving from seeing a popular musical with his parents, the two were murdered in front of him. In the wake of the murder of his parents, Bruce eventually began questioning the inner workings of Gotham, and soon after Wayne Enterprises after finding several oddities in transactions and how the company was being operated, later discovering that the company was participating in several illegal activities which he later confronted the board of Wayne Enterprises about, though they denied it.[1]After being caught sneaking into the Director of Physical Operations, Sid Bunderslaw's office, his suspicions which were confirmed by the latter.[2]After being told that his father was a true stoic, who hid his best self, Bruce began looking for evidence of his father's secret life, eventually discovering a secret passageway behind the fireplace,[3]leading to a secret workplace of Thomas'.[4]


Death of his ParentsEdit

After leaving from a popular musical[5], Bruce and his parents were mugged by a disguised, armed man. Although both Thomas and Martha gave the mugger what he wanted without any trouble, the mugger killed both of them in front of Bruce before running off. Bruce was left screaming over his parent's lifeless bodies. When police arrived on the scene, Bruce was comforted by Detective Jim Gordon, who promised to find the killer. Bruce was then taken home by his family's butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock were able to kill the man that supposedly murdered the Waynes, and Bruce thanked Gordon when they met again at his parents' funeral. Later, Gordon arrived at the Wayne Manor and confessed to Bruce that the man everyone had thought murdered his parents been framed, but asked that he stay quiet about it so that he could find the real killer. Bruce agreed to this as he was glad his parent's killer was still alive, as he wanted to see him again.[6]In his quest to conquer fear, Bruce tried to test himself by holding his hand over a lit candle, attempting to resist the physical pain. He was caught by Alfred Pennyworth while doing so and attempted to hide his hand behind his back before showing Alfred, and being harshly yelled at. Bruce was then comforted by Alfred, after the butler realized his mistake of yelling at him. He later arrived in the middle of a conversation between Detective Gordon and Alfred, as the butler had summoned him to the Manor in an attempt to convince him to talk some sense into Bruce, who hadn't been sleeping, and was imposing physical harm upon himself. After Gordon suggested he talk to someone to help him cope with his parent's death, Bruce refused, asking the detective whether talking to someone helped him deal with the horrible things he had saw during the war he had served in. Though Gordon attempted to lie, Bruce knew otherwise, calling him a "terrible liar". Ending the conversation, Bruce offered to give money to the homeless children of Gotham, who had been kidnapped and later rescued by Gordon and Bullock. Detective Gordon however, explained that wasn't how it worked, and that they needed someone who cared about them, like Alfred did for Bruce. Still wanting to help, Bruce offered to buy them all new clothes, as they looked "awfully ragged".[7]

Later Wayne Manor, Bruce was pestered by Alfred Pennyworth, who in an attempt to have some fun with him, started a play sword fight between the two, using wooden canes. After beating the butler, as he had repeatedly told him to stop, Bruce accidentally knocked over the police files of his parent's deaths. They were discovered by Alfred, when he picked them up off the floor, and questioned Bruce as to why he would want to look at them, as they were horrible and would give him nightmares. Bruce explained he was searching for clues within the files, attempting to find anything that could deduce the identity of his parent's killers. He was later berated by Alfred for refusing to eat anything, though he later ate while watching the news about the recent capture of the vigilante known as The Balloonman.[8]

Bruce discussed the recent developments of Arkham Asylum with Detective Gordon, and the gang war brewing because of it. He sought to help Gordon intending not to let his parents' dreams die with them, as they had fought for years to get a new Asylum opened. He later awakened from a nightmare of his parents' murder, and continued to look through files pertaining to the Arkham Plant, hoping to find a connection between the recent murders of the councilmen and his parents' death. Requesting that Alfred give him any other files related to it. Bruce later watched the news in horror as Mayor James announced what would be done with the Arkham Plant. The Arkham Asylum would be reopened like his parents had hoped, but the Plant had been secretly split between Maroni and Falcone to Bruce's dismay. This led Bruce to believe that everything his parents had worked for was falling into the hands of criminals, before being reminded by Gordon, that he was still alive and that it wasn't too late for everything to be fixed.[9]

Inner Workings of GothamEdit

Bruce later questioned how Gotham City worked, as he was troubled by the fact that the Falcone and Maroni crime families each got substantial pieces of the Arkham Project. He later agreed to go to the Wayne Enterprises charitable ball intending to question the board members about Arkham Asylum, after deducing from several files pertaining to the project that the company most likely gave Falcone and Maroni their shares in the Arkham Project. He later met with Molly Mathis of Wayne Enterprises' Middle Management, about the several irregularities he found within the Arkham deal. Soon after, former biochemist Stan Potolsky revealed to the attendants of the ball that he had created the drug Viper for WellZyn, which was a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises. Despite Mathis telling him otherwise, Bruce later discovered she was the onsite liaison between the two companies, leading him to believe otherwise.[10]While watching the news about the recent killings of the first born children of Gotham's wealthier citizens, Bruce refused to leave Gotham to go to the lake house, like Alfred suggested. As Bruce was under the mindset that there was still work to be done with his investigations of Wayne Enterprises and the murderer of his parents, he also noted that there was no one to take him from, furthering his reasoning for staying.[11]

Bruce was later introduced to Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen by Detective Gordon, after it was revealed that he didn't kill Oswald Cobblepot as he was instructed to do, and was on the run from the Falcone crime family. It was explained by Gordon that he didn't know whether he'd be able to keep his promise of finding Bruce's parents killer as he had promised. Bruce got frustrated towards Gordon when he attempted to treat him like a child by not being specific of what he had done, and why he expected to die. He was guaranteed by Detective Gordon that he could trust Allen and Montoya if anything happened to him, though he would try to work it out. Bruce embraced Gordon before he left.[12]Despite his protest, Bruce was soon forced to re-enroll in Anders Preparatory Academy by Alfred, who thought he needed to be around children his own age. Later, while reading a book outside of the school, Bruce was approached and greeted by Tommy Elliot who questioned him about his parent's death, asking several questions, which promoted Bruce to leave for class. While walking attempting to leave the school, walking on a stairwell, Bruce was once more taunted by Tommy, who purposely got Bruce's name wrong, though Bruce corrected him. After mentioning Bruce's deceased mother, Bruce slapped Tommy, getting beat up by the latter because of this. Alfred asked Bruce what had happened when he came outside, to which Bruce explained the situation. Taking Bruce to Tommy Elliot's house for revenge, Alfred also gave him his father's watch to use as a knuckle duster. Knocking on Elliot's door, Bruce told him that the two of them had unfinished business, proceeding to beat him, until being stopped by Alfred. Bruce then left with Alfred, selecting pizza for dinner for the night. Later on at Wayne Manor, Bruce asked Alfred whether he could teach him to fight, which Alfred told him that he could.[13]

Bruce was later brought a sketch of his parents murderer by Jim Gordon as described by Selina Kyle. He was asked by Gordon whether or not he recognized the man, which Bruce didn't. Afterwards, Bruce agreed to let Kyle stay at Wayne Manor, despite Alfred's protests, as she needed a safe place to stay, and was their best shot at finding out who had killed Bruce's parents. Bruce later offended Selina by asking her about her parents, catching her later attempting to leave through the window, apologizing if making her talk about her family upset her. Afterwards, Bruce was asked whether he had ever kissed a girl, and whether he wanted to. Struggling to find an answer, Bruce was retrieved by Alfred, as it was time for his studies. Bruce later continued his training, trying to develop self discipline and will power, but was told by Selina that it wouldn't work, as on the streets of Gotham, one needed to be mean and ruthless, which Bruce wasn't. The two later had a food fight, after Selina threw a donut at Bruce, telling him that if he could hit her with a piece of food, she'd let him kiss her.[14]Bruce and Selina were later forced to flee Wayne Manor, after an assassin was let into the residence by Alfred, posing as a woman who had been an accident. Leaving the manor, Bruce followed Selina into Gotham City, the latter whom had convinced him that assassin was there for him and not her. In the city, Bruce made his way to a payphone, and while attempting to call Alfred, he was forced to flee after Selina, who revealed that the assassin was there to kill her, and not him, and she had only told him so, so that the two could hang out a while longer. After having made his way to a rooftop following Kyle, Bruce had to jump over to another roof, almost falling, though he was saved by Selina. Proving that he had earned the right to hang out with her, Bruce was taken to the Flea, a mall of sorts for street kids, there getting a change of clothes, and encountering Ivy Pepper before leaving to The Factory with Selina. At the factory, Bruce witnessed as Selina attempted to sell several items she had stolen from his home, to her fence, Clyde, though after he offered prices that were extremely lower then what the items were actually worth, the two attempted to leave. However, the two were prevented from doing so by Clyde, who threatened to poke Bruce's eyes out, if Selina didn't cooperate with him. Being locked into a room with Selina, the two later escaped after Selina knocked out one of Larissa Diaz's men who had come in. Afterwards, Bruce distracted Diaz long enough for Selina to make her escape, though after being caught the assassin he was warned not to mistake bravery for common sense. Bruce was then discovered by Alfred, and the two embraced. Bruce was later visited by Selina at Wayne Manor, who wanted to properly say good bye, also returning the items she had stolen from the residence, all except one. He was then kissed by Kyle, who left, and when Alfred came in the room questioning as to who he'd been talking to, Bruce lied telling him that he had been thinking out loud.[15]Leaving Gotham for Switzerland for several weeks afterwards, Bruce had Alfred drive him around in search for Selina. Getting out of the car, Bruce pleaded with Alfred to allow him to circle around the block once, and then they would go home. While on the street, Bruce once more encountered Ivy Pepper, who he asked to pass along the message to Selina that he was looking for her, though Pepper only agreed after Bruce had Alfred give her twenty bucks. While playing chess by himself at Wayne Manor, he was interrupted by Selina who had arrived there after receiving his message. Giving her a snow globe that was reminiscent of the town him and Alfred had stayed in, Bruce followed by attempting to let Selina live at the Manor, in exchange for Kyle helping him find the man who killed his parents, though Bruce was told by Kyle that she hadn't seen his parents killers, and had only said that to get out of juvy. He was later discovered by Alfred in tears, and after a pep talk of sorts from the latter, Bruce was determined to find other leads.[16]Bruce was later visited by Detective Gordon who told him that Selina had revealed to him that she had lied about seeing the face of the killer of Bruce's parents, to which Bruce agreed that she had told him the same thing. Though Gordon persisted that it didn't put them back at square one, Bruce released Gordon from his promise of finding his parent's killer, as he'd pursue the matter on his own.[17]

Even though his father was no longer alive, Bruce decided to continue the yearly tradition the two had of hiking, rejecting Alfred's offers to come with him. After angrily walking down the hill from his campsite, Bruce fell and sprained his ankle. Struggling to get back up the campsite, when he finally did, he discovered Alfred, who had been there for over an hour. After being helped up by Alfred, the two stayed the night, with Bruce watching the sunrise, like he did with his father.[18]Bruce was told by Alfred that Wayne Enterprises had called to confirm his meeting with the board of directors. Though Alfred was hesitant about him going, Bruce reiterated that he had made up his mind about the situation. During his meeting with the board, Bruce questioned the directors about underworld involvement in the Arkham project, and chemical warfare manufacturing within WellZyn. Though the board of directors said they would look into them, one of the members mentioned to Bruce that he hadn't brought up any points with actual proof behind them, prompting Bruce to tell them that he hadn't told them all that he knew, and that he hoped that they did look into the issues, as he'd bring them up at the next shareholders meeting, with possible legal action.[1]

After Reginald Payne tracked down Alfred, and Bruce walked in on the two talking, he insisted that Reggie stay with them a few days. Coming into the manner after training, Bruce ran into Reggie and the two sparred, though Alfred put a stop to it. Bruce later brought up a bottle of wine, and listened to the two tell stories. He seemingly excused himself to bed when Reggie stepped out of line, taunting Alfred, but waited outside of the door, listening to the rest of their conversation. Later that night, Bruce discovered Alfred bleeding in his father's study, after having been stabbed by Reggie, immediately trying to stop the loss of blood, and calling for help.[19]At the hospital, Bruce was brought a bagel by the visiting Detective Gordon. When they were questioned as to who had stabbed Alfred, Bruce initially was going to reveal Reggie's identity to Gordon, though he followed Alfred's lead, when the butler interrupted him, with Alfred later telling him that he was going to track down Reggie himself, though Bruce ordered him back to bed. Later, Bruce was visited by Selina Kyle who he revealed to his suspicion that Reggie had been sent to spy on him and Alfred by Wayne Enterprises, and that he planned on tracking down Reggie, as he could find out who specifically sent him, from the latter. Though Selina offered to help, Bruce rejected her offer on the account of not wanting anyone else to get hurt because of him.[20]At Wayne Manor, Bruce was visited by Gordon, who knew him and Alfred had lied about not knowing the identity of the man who had stabbed Alfred, though Bruce denied it. Putting together that Alfred wanted to go after the man himself, Bruce was warned by Gordon to stay out of it, as it wasn't his fight. He later visited every gun range in search of Reggie, after learning from Alfred that, that was where he was most likely to be. After searching to no avail, Bruce went to Selina for assistance, with the two finding him at a shooting gallery. There, Bruce questioned Reggie as to who had sent him, with Selina threatening to drop Reggie's "medicine" out of the window if he didn't tell them. After threading to tell Bunderslaw that Bruce was onto him, Bruce witnessed Selina push Reggie out of the window to his death, when the latter attempted to grab his bag from the windowsill.[21]Bruce later plotted with Selina to get the key to Bunderslaw's safe, as every executive of Wayne Enterprises had one, and any secrets that he had, would be in there. Deciding to attend the Wayne Enterprises charity ball with Selina, Bruce was able to get her close enough to Bunderslaw so that she could steal his key.[22]During a tour of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce excuses himself to go to the bathroom, though instead pulls the building's fire alarm. As everyone exited the building, Bruce made his way into Bunderslaw's office, finding his safe and unlocking it, though there was nothing in it. Afterwards, he was confronted by Bunderslaw himself, who had been expecting him. Bruce's suspicions were confirmed by Bunderslaw, who also revealed that Bruce's father and grandfather had also known about the illegal activities going on in Wayne Enterprises, and originally came in with his secret files demanding justice, though he came to understand the reality of the business world. Though Bruce argued against this, Bunderslaw begged him to reconsider, as he had an opportunity to the blessed life his parents had wanted for him. The pair's conversation was interrupted by Lucius Fox, who came in looking for Bruce, as a public relations person was frantically searching for him. Before leaving Wayne Enterprise, Bruce was told by Lucius that his father was a true stoic, who kept his best self hidden, and that he wasn't the man the company thought he was. He later revealed this, and the circumstances of Reggie's death to Alfred at Wayne Manor.[2]Two weeks later, Bruce tore apart his father's study looking for evidence of his secret life. In the midst of giving up, Bruce remembered Lucius Fox had called his father a stoic, bring Marcus Aurelius to mind, a Roman Emperor who was also a stoic. Opening a book about him, Bruce discovered a remote in the back of the book, and after a quick debate with Alfred on whether or not to press it, Bruce did so, which revealed a secret passageway behind the fireplace.[3]

Discovering his father's lairEdit


After the death of his parents, Bruce began to show erratic behavior, such as self-harm[7], listening to heavy metal, drawing disturbing artwork, refusing to eat and overall behaving recklessly, doing things such as climbing on top of the roof of the Wayne Mansion and burning himself. Bruce feels like an outsider and a geek in school. Mostly he is not into life of luxury and he doesn't flaunt his wealth. He is very serious, though also kind, caring, selfless, observant and intelligent. He can sometimes be naive, but despite this, he can easily tell when someone is lying to him or when they are not telling him the entire truth. He loved both of his parents very much, and becomes angry if anyone speaks ill of them, such as Tommy Elliot, who he physically assaulted after the latter taunted him about his parents' deaths, and disrespected his mother.[13] Harboring leftover guilt from not doing anything when his parents were murdered, Bruce devoted all of his time and efforts towards finding clues that could be used to discover the identity of the man who killed his parents. Bruce has a strong moral compass to do what is right, showing a huge reprehension against the act of killing, calling the Balloonman a criminal because he did so[8], and berating Selina Kyle for killing Reggie, and telling her that he'd never cross that line.[22]

Physical AppearanceEdit

"He's cute, isn't he?"
Ivy Pepper[src]

Bruce is a young Caucasian male, with brown hair and blue eyes. He is of an average build for someone his age, and is found attractive by many girls, including Selina Kyle and Ivy Pepper, who both made comments implying they were physically attracted to him.[15]



  • The character of Bruce Wayne was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939). Originally referred to as "the Bat-Man" and still referred to at times as "the Batman", the character is additionally known as "the Caped Crusader", "the Dark Knight", and "the World's Greatest Detective", among other titles. Batman became a very popular character soon after his introduction and gained his own comic book title, Batman, in 1940. An American cultural icon, Batman has been licensed and adapted into a variety of media, from radio to television and film, and appears on a variety of merchandise sold all over the world such as toys and video games. The character has also intrigued psychiatrists with many trying to understand the character's psyche.


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