Template:Object The Supergirl suit is worn by Kara Danvers during her exploits as the superhero, Supergirl.


After saving a plane from crashing, Kara decided that she wished to become a superhero. She revealed her identity to Wynn Schott and he helped make a suit for her. He had a number of versions made, but Kara eventually settled on one with the House of El's coat of arms emblazoned on the chest. Initially it used no cape, but after realizing it aided with aerodynamics, Wynn added one. However, everything they attempted was simply ripped to shreds. Finally, though, after revealing that he knew her identity, James Olsen presented Kara with a present: Kal-El's blanket from when he arrived on Earth, to use as a cape, as it wouldn't fray.[1]


Season 1Edit



  • Kara's first failed costume attempt combines elements from several outfits, worn previously by the character in her appearances in the comics and other media. The red "hot-pants"/shorts were part of her outfit, that debuted in Supergirl vol. 1, #1 (1972), while her red headband was first seen in screen tests of the live-action Supergirl film (1984), that were not part of the final production version, before being included to her comic book costume in Supergirl vol. 2, #17 (1984). The first of Supergirl's costumes to include a bare midriff look was first seen in Superman: The Animated Series' episode, "Little Girl Lost" (1998), later being incorporated into the comic books in Supergirl vol. 4, #51 (2000) and in a newer version in Superman/Batman vol. 1, #13 (2004).


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